Pizza Ovens

Pizza Oven

For decades, Americans have been gathering outside around a grill or outdoor kitchen to enjoy wonderfully cooked meals. Recently, though, a new trend has emerged that has resulted in a new must-have outdoor cooking device: The outdoor pizza oven. It makes perfect sense, of course: The average American eats more than 40 slices of pizza every year. With a craving that seems insatiable, installing a pizza oven outdoors might just be the best way to lure over the neighbors and persuade friends to stop by for a summer barbecue with an all-new twist.

Kick it Up a Notch: Wood-Fired Outdoor Pizza Oven Takes Food to a New Level

In a world that has moved increasingly toward baking pizzas in indoor gas ovens, a wood fired pizza oven alternative is often considered a luxury. In fact, many restaurants specifically sell their wood fired pizzas as an upscale option that’s simply tastier, more authentic, and flakier than the average pizza crust and its associated ingredients. Home pizza ovens designed for outdoor use can accomplish the same effect, but with a much lower price tag. After installation, every wood fired pizza is flavorful, and the perfect addition to any special menu when friends or family come for a long overdue visit.

Outdoor Pizza Ovens Serve as an Aesthetic Compliment to the Home

The tasty benefits of an outdoor wood fired pizza oven are numerous, and the mere presence of one in the backyard is bound to do wonders for a homeowner’s popularity among his or her neighbors, friends, and family members. The benefits of such an oven go well beyond the great pizzas that it produces, though. Decades of development and design have made it possible for homeowners to enjoy a pizza oven that actually acts as an architectural feature in their outdoor area, blending its cooking ability with natural stone and brick that will blend effortlessly with the home’s exterior design and the overall outdoor landscape.

Pizza ovens can also be constructed as part of a larger patio and gathering area, making them a centerpiece and focal point for year-round use. Because these ovens produce a great deal of heat during cooking, and are exceptionally insulated, they can be used well into the coldest months of the year, They can even act as an outdoor fireplace and warm the outdoor dining area a bit for those homeowners who hate being cramped inside all winter long.

An Old-Fashioned Oven with a High-Tech Approach

Today’s best outdoor pizza ovens blend old-fashioned wood fired cooking combined with a gas burner. These gas fired pizza ovens make them not only more efficient but also much more convenient. The time that you have to wait for your gas pizza oven to preheat is dramatically reduced, usually cut in half. Much like an outdoor fireplace, these gas pizza ovens produce a fast, inviting glow that will turn them into a conversation piece and give the home’s backyard something unique to set it apart from nearby neighbors.

Best of all, virtually all modern pizza ovens are designed to comply with even the strictest local zoning ordinances that often prohibit outdoor wood burning and fires. Today’s pizza ovens produce no more smoke, fire, or waste than the average charcoal grill, but they do produce much better pizzas, grilled meats and a bevy of baked dishes that taste more authentic due to the use of natural wood.

Take Outdoor Cooking to the Next Level and Enjoy the Benefits

Homeowners who have tired of mere outdoor grilling should consider installing an outdoor pizza oven. There is simply no other way to invoke the outdoors while creating fresh pizzas, toasted sandwiches, and a wide array of other dishes that will wow the neighbors and win over friends and family members with relative ease. Best of all, today’s outdoor pizza ovens are more attractive than they’ve ever been. Virtually every homeowner can find a model that blends the right type of stone, the right type of brick, or any other material, to create a landmark for the backyard that will stand the test of time and serve as a social gathering point for generations to come.